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Other impacts of changes made in CAST AIP 8.3.5


Analysis Units for .NET Core


The existing .NET discoverers for the Changes in results post upgrade - 8.3.5 are embedded in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool. These discoverers have been modified in this release of CAST AIP to take into account .NET Core 2.0 / .NET Standard 2.0 projects in preparation for .NET Core 2.0 /.NET Standard 2.0 analysis support in the forthcoming version 1.1.0 of the Changes in results post upgrade - 8.3.5. Therefore after upgrade to CAST AIP 8.3.5 and the generation of a post-upgrade snapshot, you may find that new .NET projects (corresponding to .NET Core 2.0 / .NET Standard 2.0 source code if that existed in the existing CAST Delivery Manager Tool packages) are selected and transformed into Analysis Units in the CAST Management Studio. Subsequent analysis of these Analysis Units during the post-upgrade snapshot will be successful, however, note the following:

  • There will be an increase in objects/links related to .NET Core 2.0 / .NET Standard 2.0
  • The analysis will, however, be incomplete:
    • There will be no links to the .NET Core 2.0 / .NET Standard 2.0 framework
    • No client server/links links
    • Frameworks are not handled
    • Some Rule may produce false negatives



In previous releases of CAST AIP, the discoverer for .NET ignored .NET projects of type .NET Core. They were discovered but not selected in the package in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool. In CAST AIP  8.3.5, projects of type .NET Core are now automatically "selected" in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool. As a consequence, when a user performs the Set as Current Version action in the CAST Management Studio, the .NET Core projects are imported and corresponding Analysis Units are created. Therefore, measures such as Lines of Code or Commented Code Lines will increase in a snapshot. Similarly, new quality rule violations can be found in the source code that is now analyzed. The exact impact on analysis results depends on the version of the .NET Analyzer extension that is used for the analysis and the level of support for .NET Core that the extension provides. Please refer to the extension documentation.

If you do not want .NET Core projects to be analyzed and results modified (with regard to a previous snapshot when in an upgrade scenario), please unselect .NET Core projects in Delivery Manager Tool before performing the Set as Current Version in the CAST Management Studio.

Mainframe Cobol

SCRAIP-31872 - Mainframe Analyzer creates incorrect links between paragraphs containing EXIT statements and the next SECTION in the file