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  • A positive and even number above 2,000,000 can be assigned as an ID (values less than this are already reserved for use by CAST). CAST recommends using CAST Extend to reserve a range of IDs for your use . See you have not done so already). To do so, sign in to CAST Extend and select ID RangesQuality Range ReservationReserve Rule ID Range:
    • The Extension ID field is of the form: com.castsoftware.uc.<free-form text>. Where <free-form text> can be any string that describes your initiative or your project.
    • For the Range amount field, choose a number between 1 and 10. 1 corresponds to a range of 1000 IDs, therefore if you enter 3, you will be granted 3000 IDs.
    • After you have clicked on Reserve, a range of rule IDs are defined and ready for your use. See Managing ID ranges for custom extensions for more information about this.
  • If an existing Model from CAST AIP 8.3.1 (where IDs were not available) is opened, then the ID will be set to the default value (0).
  • If an Architecture Model has already been assigned to an Application in the CAST Management Studio with ID = X, then even if the Architecture Model is subsequently edited in the CAST Architecture Checker and the ID changed (to ID = Y, for example), the Model will retain the same ID in the CAST Management Service schema as long as it is not removed from the Application.
  • The ID must be unique in the CAST Management Service schema. If two Architecture Models with the same ID are associated to an Application, only the first Model will be used and the second will be ignored.
  • If the ID is set to 0 (default) or blank, then the Architecture Model will be ignored when the snapshot is generated.
  • When saving the Model, the following is checked. If any of the below checks fail, an error will be displayed: