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This file governs the display of tiles when your Measurement Service contains multiple Applications - i.e the Multi-application landing page.


This file governs the display of tiles for a single Application - i.e the Application landing page. This page is displayed in two situations:

  • When the Measurement Service contains information about only one Application
  • When you have drilled down from the Multi-application landing page into a single Application.
For more information about the Multi-application and Application landing pages, see Health Dashboard.



Note that CAST provides "library" files containing examples of all the tiles that can be created and used in the Health Dashboard. You can use these files as well as the examples in this documentation page to build your own tiles. These library tiles can be found along side the live cmp.json and app.json files:

  • %CATALINA_HOME%\webapps\CAST-AADHealth\portal\resources\cmp_tiles_library.json
  • %CATALINA_HOME%\webapps\CAST-AADHealth\portal\resources\app_tiles_library.json


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At portfolio (cmp.json) and application level (app.json), it is possible to define tiles with custom expressions. A custom expression is defined through a mathematical subset representation involving operations on criteria values (e.g. the ratio of number of lines of codes per critical violations or the count of applications with more than n files).

The tile can represent averaged values (excluding the application not having one of the values such as a background fact or some sizing measure, or those whose function calculation result is infinite) or a total value. For comparison, business criteria scores are average while sizing is usually a total on the portfolio. 

Custom expression tiles can be defined for the current snapshot state (most recent snapshot for all applications at portfolio level or selected snapshots at application level), or via evolutions. 

The mathematical formula available involve the following expression patterns:






Other classic patterns are available but may not be supported by the Health Dashboard in terms of rendering (i.e. those returning non numerical values such as booleans).