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  • The web application server on a dedicated machine (CAST provides documentation for deployment on Apache Tomcat only. Other web application servers may be compatible (see Supported Platforms), but no documentation is provided).
  • Each web application (i.e. the CAST AIC Portal, CAST Application Analytics Dashboard, CAST Application Engineering Dashboard Health Dashboard (HD), Engineering Dashboard (ED) etc.):
    1. Use of Active Directory/LDAP authentication methods
    2. Use of the Audit Trail to trace end user activities
    3. Secure configuration of back-end database access (only relevant for the AADHD/AEDED/RestAIP web applications)



Securely configure the CAST Application Analytics Health Dashboard /CAST Application Engineering  Engineering Dashboard / CAST Rest-API as described in AAD - ED - RestAPI - security configuration options. This page details the following security configuration options: