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CAST AI Administrators

Summary: This page explains how to configure various advanced options that affect the entire CAST Application Engineering Dashboard. Note that this page does not deal with Tiles (see CAST-AED - Tile management).

Above and beyond the configuration possibilities that are available for Tiles, there are additional advanced configuration options as listed below:

    • Configure log out dialog box

Configure the display of all Business Criteria or just Health Factors

How to configure the options

The options listed above are governed by a .json file located here (this is the same file that is used to configure Tiles (see CAST-AED - Tile management).


The options are available at the very start of the file:

  "configuration": {
    "confirmLogout": true,
    "filterHealthFactor": false,
    "language": "dev",
    "navigation": {
      "pages": [

To modify the options, edit the ced.json file with a text editor (Notepad or other similar application). CAST recommends creating a copy of the default ced.json file that can be used as a replacement if an error occurs during editing.

Viewing the changes in your browser

There is no need to restart the application server or application itself if you edit and save the ced.json file: changes are immediate on saving the file. However, you may find that the changes are not immediately visible in the CAST Application Engineering Dashboard. This is because the .json file is loaded into the browser's cache, therefore CAST recommends that you empty your browser cache to force the changes to become visible.

If you are using Google Chrome the following tip can be used to automatically empty the browser cache:

  • Tap F12 to open the Developer Tools window at the bottom of the page.
  • Click the Settings icon (a cog) to the right of the Developer Tools window
  • Tick the Disable cache (while DevTools is open) option and close the Settings window.
  • In this state, when you then tap F12 followed by F5 to refresh the page, the browser cache will be automatically emptied.

Option descriptions

Default setting

Configure log out dialog box

"confirmLogout": true,

When set to true (default position), this option will force a log out warning dialog box to be displayed when a user selects the log out button:

If you would like to deactivate this confirmation message, simply change

"confirmLogout": true,


"confirmLogout": false,

Configure the display of all Business Criteria or just Health Factors

"filterHealthFactor": true,

When set to true (default position) only Business Criteria that are categorised as Health Factors will be displayed in the dashboard. All other Business Criteria that are NOT Health Factors will not be displayed:

Setting this option to false will force the display of ALL Business Criteria whether they are categorised as Health Factors or not:

Enables you to choose the language you requirelanguage
"language": "dev",

By default, the CAST Application Engineering Dashboards is delivered with language display set to English: all messages and text displayed in the dashboard is only displayed in English. However, it is now possible to set a specific locale and provided that a translation of the default English text and messages has been configured, the dashboards will then display text and messages in the chosen language.

See CAST AAD-AED - Dashboard localization for more information.

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