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Summary: A list of issues and problems that may occur and how to solve them.

AIP Console or AIP Node package will not start

If the AIP Console package or AIP Node package(s) will not start (whether using a Windows Service or batch files to start the packages) the following log files should first be checked to see whether any relevant information has been recorded:

  • %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AipConsole\AipConsole\logs\webi_error.log
  • %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AipConsole\AipConsole\logs\webi.log
  • %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AipConsole\AipNode\logs\cmsapi_error.log
  • %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AipConsole\AipNode\logs\cmsapi.log

If anything relevant has been recorded and is listed in this page, please follow the remediation instructions below, otherwise, please open a ticket with CAST Support quoting the message from the log.

liquibase.lockservice.StandardLockService - Waiting for changelog lock....


The issue:

  • will cause the associated package to not start:
    • AIP Console will not respond - a 404 "page not found" will be displayed when attempting to access the AIP Console front-end 
    • the AIP Node will appear to be "down" in AIP Console.
  • will cause the following entries to be posted to the following log files:
    • %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AipConsole\AipConsole\logs\webi.log
    • %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AipConsole\AipNode\logs\cmsapi.log
15:47:45.771 [main] INFO  liquibase.executor.jvm.JdbcExecutor - SELECT LOCKED FROM PUBLIC.DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK WHERE ID=1
15:47:45.771 [main] INFO  liquibase.lockservice.StandardLockService - Waiting for changelog lock....
  • cannot be cleared by attempting to restarting the AIP Console or AIP Node package

Both the AIP Console and AIP Node packages use a H2 Java database to store persistent data. These database are located here:

  • %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AipConsole\AipConsole\db
  • %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AipConsole\AipNode\db

During certain operations such as (but not limited to) upgrading to a new release of AIP Console/AIP Node, an issue may occur which causes the H2 Java database to remain locked. This will prevent the relevant package from starting.


The first step is to ensure that the relevant package is shut down (either AIP Console or AIP Node) - stop the Windows Service or close the running CMD Windows.

Next, to resolve this issue, you need to run a query against the H2 Java database to remove the lock manually. To do this, CAST provides the H2 Java database client with both the AIP Console and AIP Node packages. This can be run using a batch file also provided in the package. Ensure you choose the appropriate batch file according to the package in which the error is occurring:

  • %PROGRAMFILES%\CAST\AipConsole\AipConsole\admin\run-h2-console.bat
  • %PROGRAMFILES%\CAST\AipConsole\AipNode\admin\run-h2-console.bat

You should run these batch files with elevated administrative permissions - in other words:

  • Open a command prompt (CMD) using the right click "Run as Administrator" option.
  • Using the CMD window, move to the relevant location on disk where the batch file is stored e.g.: cd %PROGRAMFILES%\CAST\AipConsole\AipConsole\admin or cd %PROGRAMFILES%\CAST\AipConsole\AipNode\admin
  • Then run the batch file itself: run-h2-console.bat

This batch file will launch the following interface in the default browser:

Click to enlarge

The JDBC URL field should already be populated with the correct URL to access the H2 Java database, however, you can check this is correct by opening the following files and searching for the line spring.datasource.url:

  • %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AipConsole\AipConsole\
  • %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AipConsole\AipNode\

Click Connect to connect to the H2 Java database:

Click to enlarge

If the connection is refused, please remove AUTO_SERVER=TRUE from the end of the JDBC URL.

When connected, select the DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK table:

Click to enlarge

In the SQL statement tab, paste in the following query, removing any query that is already present in the tab:


Click to enlarge

Now run the query by clicking the Run tab:

Click to enlarge

Finally restart the AIP Console or AIP Node package.

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