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Summary: CAST AIP 8.3.15 introduces a number of features and changes as listed below.

Technology updates


ABAP code previously causing syntax errors during an analysis is now supported. For a full list, see Technology coverage changes in CAST AIP 8.3.x.

User Input Security

Sanitization is no longer defined by simple method names. Now, this sanitization:

  • is defined by classic blackbox files. These blackbox files are provided by default
  • is still specialized by technology and quality rule
  • is specialized for each method parameter

A list of libraries automatically taken in to account for Sanitzation is available in User Input Security - predefined methods.

CAST Enlighten

Add Linked Objects window

When using the Add Linked Objects window, it is now possible to filter specifically on links without their sub link types. For example, previously it was not possible to filter ONLY Use links - instead you were forced to select a sub link type (e.g. Use Delete, which included Use and Use Delete links). Now a new filter check box called "<LINK> Only" has been added for all link types with sub links:

Click to enlarge:



The CAST-AIPStorageMigrationTool.exe tool (used for transferring CAST AIP schemas/databases from Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server instances) is no longer maintained and has been removed from CAST AIP ≥ 8.3.15 for the following reasons:

  • the tool does not support transfers to CSS3/PostgreSQL 9.6
  • CSS3/PosgreSQL must be used with CAST AIP ≥ 8.3.x (CSS/PostgreSQL 9.2 is deprecated for use with 8.3.x)


The CASTDBTransfert.exe tool (used for transferring the contents of CAST AIP schemas) is no longer maintained and has been removed from CAST AIP ≥ 8.3.15.

CSSAdmin 32bit tools

The CSSAdmin 32bit tools (such as psql.exe) have been removed from the setup and will no longer be installed during a "from scratch" installation. These tools were previously available in:

When running the CAST AIP setup and a previous release of CAST AIP is already present on the target workstation (i.e. a "Service Pack installation") the CAST AIP setup will NOT remove any existing files.
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