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Summary: Information about using the Generic extraction option in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool.
The Generic extraction configuration in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool is not currently provided as an extension (such as for CVS and Git), instead it is provided "out-of-the-box" in CAST AIP/CAST Delivery Manager Tool.


This configuration provides the means to perform a Generic extraction specifically when using the CAST Universal Importer to package .UAX (and optionally .SRC) files that have been generated by an external tool or analyzer.


When adding a new source code package, choose the Generic extraction option and click Next to continue:

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When selected, the above item provides the following screen with the Generic extraction option already selected:

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The Package Configuration tab will then be displayed, enabling you to configure access to the source code:

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1Enter the location of the .UAXDIRECTORY file that defines information about the .UAX (and optionally .SRC) files you are packaging.

Enter the Project name as defined in your .UAXDIRECTORY and xxx_PROJECT.UAX files as follows:


The Project name is defined as shown below:


The Project name is defined as shown below:

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