This page describes possible issues that may be encountered when connecting to TCC (Transaction Configuration Center).

Note that since 8.x the terminology of Right hand panel have changed as follows:

Terminology prior to 8.xTerminology since 8.x
SetupTransaction configuration
ResultsAFP calibration

 Official documentation

 TKB page for Information Guides > Component of the feature Transaction Configuration Center TCC

Observed in CAST AIP

Observed on RDBMS
Oracle Server(tick)
Microsoft SQL Server(tick)
Action Plan
  1. If there are issues with the configuration settings in TCC not being retained, make sure that you have followed the steps in the documentation here: Transaction Configuration. Specifically, make sure that you have done the steps below (for documentation on exporting/importing information in TCC please see the following page TCC import export:
    1. Export current configuration from the application level

    2. Import to the template level

    3. Update and import other required technology basis configurations

    4. After importing and updating all required technology kit, export the configuration from the template level

    5. Import to Application level

  2. Be careful with importing older TCC configuration data into a newer TCC configuration. In some uncommon scenarios, some external objects contributing to the transaction are displayed in the transaction detail view in the dashboard, whereas they should not. This does not affect the overall values provided in TCC (AFP, EFP, etc.).
    1. The scenario where this has been observed is when after a module configuration change, the TCC configuration from before the module change has been imported into the databases which included objects no longer in a module.
    2. This behavior is resolved in CAST 8.2.15 and is planned to be resolved in 8.3.9.
  3. Select the feature you are interested in.
  4. If the problem you are facing is not related to any of the above feature, report your problem to CAST Technical Support and provide the below 476446854:

For CAST Technical Support Only - Transaction Configuration Center - Information - How to reproduce user issues

Relevant input

  • Screenshot(s) showing the issue
  • CAST Support Tool (CST) - alias Sherlock export with the following options CAST Bases Checker, Export Logs, Export Configuration files, Export Computer Environment, Export CAST Bases with Management Base, Knowledge Base, Central base and Export source code
  • If you have perform any operation using the CLI, then provide the used CLI

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