Purpose (problem description)

This page handles issues with the error "premature end of file" when trying to load enhancement results in TCC as shown in the screenshot below:

This error may also be seen in the CAST-MS logs as shown below:

Observed in CAST Version



Observed in RDBMS



Oracle Server (tick)
Microsoft SQL Server (tick)
CSS2 (tick)
Step by Step scenario
  • Run TCC and load results
  • Click on Enhancement mode
Action Plan

Perform the below actions

  1. The error 'premature end of file' is an indication that an extension file normally the plugin.nuspec file may have been corrupted or has been zeroed out like in the picture below:

    This folder is in an extension folder, probably one which has been installed or updated most recently.  The default extension folder is:  C:\ProgramData\CAST\CAST\Extensions, though this default location can be modified to a custom location based on the CastGlobalSettings.ini file in the CAST installation directory.  For more on the use of CastGlobalSettings.ini, please see the following page:  Configure AIP Node storage folder locations - optional - v. 1.x
  2. The solution for this issue is to replace the extension in question and verify that the files, especially the plugin.nuspec file is non-zero after installation of the extension. See the documentation here to assist you if further help is needed on this task: Install an extension
  3. If the above steps do not resolve your issue then please contact CAST Technical Support with the following relevant input as well as the complete extension folder.



Ticket # 16766

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