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Please see Delivery Plugin Cleaner - Release Notes for more information.


The purpose of this tool is to clean-up the delivery folder from plugin versions that are not necessary (for more information on delivery folder, refer to Delivery Manager Tool - Information - DELIVERY Folder Structure and Contents

The tool has a Comparison Mode and a CleanUp Mode.

It first gathers a list of the required plugin versions for every package in every version of every application in the data subfolder.

Then it compares the list with the plugin versions present in the plugins subfolder.

Based on this, it computes the list of plugin versions that should be removed. If run in Comparison Mode, it writes the list to the log file and stops here.

The algorithm is the following : for each plugin, the tool looks for the minimal version of versions required by at least one package. All versions lower than this minimal version are considered as unwanted.

If run in CleanUp Mode, it now deletes the unwanted plugin version entries from the index.xml  in the plugins subfolder, and also tries to delete the plugin version subfolder.

The tool is made of two JAR files :

  • A jar file for the GUI application : CAST-CleanUpPluginsGUI.jar 
  • A jar for the command-line application : CAST-CleanUpPlugins.jar

This tool is provided by Maintenance Team, and published as an extension com.castsoftware.labs.tools.deliveryplugincleaner

Applicable in CAST Version


 Follow the below prerequisites before running the tool:

Delivery Folder

The delivery folder must be accessible (local or network drive) from the computer where you launch the tool


Java must be installed on the computer where you launch the tool


If you mean to run the tool in CleanUp Mode, then take a copy of the delivery folder before you proceed

Clean-Up Plugin Versions from Delivery Folder


Launch the GUI Tool by double-clicking CAST-CleanUpPluginsGUI.jar.

  1. Select "Comparison Mode" or "CleanUp Mode" using the Drop Down list
  2. Select your Delivery Folder using the file picker.
  3. If you want Details, in the Menu Bar, select "View→Advanced Mode" then click the "Advanced" tab, and check the "Verbose" checkbox
  4. Click "Run Application" and check the Log window

If you have selected the CleanUp Mode, you can now inspect the index.xml in plugins subfolder and check that the unnecessary plugin version entries were removed. You can also check that the corresponding plugin folders have been deleted.