This section provides technical guides to help you troubleshoot issues encountered while using CAST AIP Platform

You can read our How to use Technical Guides By CAST AIP Platform below.

How to use Technical Guides By CAST AIP Platform?

 Searching through these guides is made easy because of the grouping of information reflected in the title of each page. Each title is made up with the CAT AIP platform where the issue is observed, followed by the sub platform, the type of issue, and a short description of it: 

<CAST AIP Platform> - <Sub platform> - <Type of issue> - <Short description>


CAST AIP Platforms and sub platforms are the ones listed in the CAST AIP 8.2.x Documentation > Release Notes > Supported Platforms for 8.2.
Drill down to the inner pages till you find the article handling your issue.    
If you can not fix it, you are invited to contact CAST Technical Support.