Source Extractors - Information - How to find the version of a non standard Extractor


This page will guide you on how to find the version installed in the delivery folder.

A non standard extractor is plugin installed in the delivery folder either manually or after having performed a Manage Extension

Applicable in CAST Version

Applicable RDBMS
Oracle Server (tick)
Microsoft SQL Server (tick)
CSS2 (tick)
Steps to find the version of Extractor
  1. With the extension downloader, select the installed tab to list all the extension downloaded and istalled :
    Figure 1
  2. in the CAST Support Tool (Sherlock) what are the extractor installed in the DMT.
    1. To install an extractor in the DMT, user need to copy this extractor in the Plugins folder that is in the Delivery folder as shown in the below example :

      Figure 2
    2. The Plugins folder is not retrieved by the Sherlock, only the Data folder is retrieved:
      Figure 3
    3. In the Sherlock output, the Data Folder is in : <Sherlock Folder>\ConfigurationFiles\Delivery folder as shown above
    4. In the Data Folder, the Plugins are referenced in the *.entity.xml files as you can see below 
      Figure 4
    5. If you are checking for a specific extractor, look into this file for the name of the extractor, the version is suffixed.


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