Source Extractors - ABAP Extractor - Information - tablesExtractionConverter generates subsequent tables with NO columns

Applicable in CAST Version


tablesExtractionConverter is a tool to convert SAP tables files with all format to the new XML format.

Problem description

 With tablesExtractionConverter.exe, for each processed table (files .def, .list, .links), columns are only described in the created xml file for the first table. All subsequent tables have NO columns. 


The extractions with C:\programfiles\cast\cast_versiontablesExtractionConverter.exe contained a bug when the extraction was made on a unix machine and when the files where transfered on a windows machine not directly but through a tool which converted the file format. As the tables files contain references to table column as bytes in another file, the resulting file was corrupted. 

Two solutions are possible:

  1. Extract tables with the new extractor  if the SAP system is available.
  2. Files with extensions .def and .links must be converted as Unix files. With notepad++: Edit->EOL conversion->UNIX file. Then the converter will run OK.