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This page provides information on how to remove Siebel workflow objects from the analysis as it can result in the analysis getting stuck on the same UAX file for a couple of hours as the Siebel Work Flow Objects consist of several children.

Applicable in CAST Version
Action Plan

In some occasion, here with Siebel, the number of Siebel Workflow extracted is OK, but some of them got insane number of children.

While Extraction and Deploy action went well, analysis can get stuck for a couple of hours or a couple of days on the same single .uax file (10 to 150 MB), defining 1 Siebel Workflow and n number of children.

The workaround is to not analyze these Siebel Workflow objects.

Good point is that they are easy to locate :

  • Each .uax contains 1 Siebel Workflow, along with their children.
  • Only the .uaxdirectory file matters, no file deletion is required.

To remove these objects manually, 

  1. Backup and then Open Project's DatabaseExtraction.uaxdirectory file, at the root of the Project deploy folder:
  2. Open Search dialog
  3. Go to Mark tab
  4. Check Bookmark line checkbox


        6. Press Mark All

        7. Scroll at the bottom of the file (where the Siebel Workflow .uax resides usually)


       8. Close Search dialog

       9. Select menu Search, item Bookmark / sub-item Remove Bookmark lines

      10. The bookmarked line are removed:


    11. Save .uaxdirectory file

    12. Run Project analysis (Take a snapshot, as usual).

    13. It will skip 100 000s of object instances, thus a large gain in runtime, and won't affect the quality model, as there are no Quality Rules on Siebel Workflows.

The issue is permanently fixed in 5.2.2 funcrel version of the Siebel Extension.


Ticket # 23356

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