This page will help you solve problems related to crashes while using Report Center. -

*Observed in CAST AIP

*Observed on RDBMS


Action Plan
  1. Check if you have provided correct KB Name in the field Knowledge Base name as shown below -

  2. If you have provided the correct KB name then Check in the Report Center logs for any errors that could explain the issue. You can refer to this page to help yourself on where to search for Report Center logs - CAST Management Studio - Information - How to find logs . If there are errors then please contact CAST Technical Support with relevant input.
  3. If there are no errors explaining the issue then get the crash dump file by following the below steps.
    1. Open Task Manager
    2. Right Click on the process RCenter.exe

    3. Click on Create Dump File
    4. After clicking you will get a pop up showing the location of the dump file
  4. If this error is not found then please contact CAST Technical Support with Relevant input and crash dump file that you have got


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