When using the CSS Tools or running analysis or snapshot, you may face process that are stuck or is facing performance issue. This page will help you to troubleshoot this.

Sub Platform Version
Sub Platform Version
Postgres 9.6 (tick)
Postgres 9.2 (tick)
Applicable Platform or <Sub Platform Version>

Platform or <Sub Platform Version>


Action Plan
  1. Open PgAdmin
  2. Connect to the Database Server where the schema to backup is stored.
  3. Click Tools > Server status
  4. In the section Activity, identify if there is line where a process appears and is blocked. The process is under the column "Application name"
  5. For instance, in the below screenshot, the process pg_dump process is blocked by a task:
  6. If the pg_dump process is blocked by a query, select that query and cancel it.


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