This page describe how to choose a user defined tablespace in CSS1 when creating schemas via Servman

Applicable RDBMS

Create a new Tablespace

to do so, I had to create a folder (say C:\Program Files\CAST\CASTStorageService\tablespace2) , then declare a tablespace on it, using PGAdmin3

CREATE TABLESPACE tablespace2  OWNER "operator"  LOCATION 'C:/Program Files/CAST/CASTStorageService/tablespace2';

Declare the tablespace as a the default tablespace

To do this, you have to change the postgres variable named default_tablespace. there are several places where this can "a priori"  be done

  1. in the postgresql.conf file (on in a file included by this file), you can set

    default_tablespace = 'tablespace2'

    then have the server be aware of this change by using the pg_ctl command :

    pg_ctl -d  reload

    see http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.4/static/config-setting.html for info

  2. change in the current SQL session, by executing the following SQL command

    set default_tablespace = 'tablespace2'
  3. change the value at the user level, using the command ALTER USER see http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.4/static/sql-alteruser.html
  4. set the PGOPTIONS environment variable before any libq-based (ie any C++ based) application starts
C:\...\bin>set PGOPTIONS=-c default_tablespace=tablespace2

I have a big preference for the 4th one as it is non intrusive, dedicated to the next Postgres session(s) without disturing the others, existing or to come. Moreovere I tested it works with servman

Run servman and install the schemas

run servman in the same batch than the one that set PGOPTIONS so to benefit of its definition. use servman interactively, or even better, with its command line to install the CAST Schemas.

Starting from 7.2 version, it is possible to set up a different tablespace  in CSS as explained in the official documentation Cookbooks > Install, deploy and upgrade CAST AIP > Installation and deployment > Install CAST AIP > Install CAST schemas > Appendix - CAST database - creation and configuration options