This page provides information on how to check the size of the CSS (CAST Storage Service) database

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Applicable RDBMS
Action Plan
  1. Run the below query in pgadmin to get the size of the database:

    SELECT pg_size_pretty(pg_database_size('postgres'));
  2. Run a statistics report in pgAdmin as shown in the screen shot below:
    Figure 1
  3. Check the size of the db_data folder used by CSS
    1. The below steps can be followed to check the size of the entire data directory from postgres. This usually will be larger than the above methods due to including log files and other data in this directory:
      1.  To know the location of db_data folder, go to services and click on properties of CastStorageService2

        Figure 2
      2. Go to the location of the db_data folder
        Figure 3
      3. Highlight the folder, right click and choose properties to find the size of the folder which is correlated to the size of the CSS database
        Figure 4





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