RDBMS Information - CAST Storage Service - Features not available when using the CAST Storage Service

This pages lists all features in CAST applications that do not function when you host your Analysis/Dashboard/Management Services in a CAST Storage Service (CSS) environment.

CAST AIP 7.0.x only

CAST Management Studio

  • Legacy PL/SQL Analyzer (use SQL Analyzer)

CAST Analysis Manager


  • Oracle Forms Analyzer (must be used with an Oracle Server host, so same limitation applies to Microsoft SQL Server host servers)
  • Legacy PL/SQL Analyzer (use SQL Analyzer)
  • Legacy PL/SQL Script Analyzer


  • Access Rights (right click a Job) or Knowledge Base > Edit Checked Jobs Access Rights
  • Tools > Manage Access Rights Profiles...
  • Job/User Project options > Generate differential report
  • Job/User Project options > Keep history for differential report
  • Tools > Manage Users
  • Tools > Transfer of Views and Comments

CAST Server Manager

  • Add Users to the Analysis Service (prompted during install on Oracle Server and Microsoft SQL Server hosts)
  • Assigning Rights to Users (prompted during install on Oracle Server and Microsoft SQL Server hosts)

CAST SQL Builder

  • Not available

CAST Release Builder

  • Not available

Any release of CAST AIP

CAST Enlighten

  • Domain View
  • Call Hierarchy (available in AIP 7.2.x (and above) on CSS)
  • Calculate Column Impact (CLIA/FGIA)
  • Load Precalculated Column Impact
  • Path Finder
  • Build View (right click an object in the Graphical View)
  • Cost Estimation
  • Libraries

CAST Server Manager

  • Schema/Database Installation > Troubleshooting > Change Password... (use the CAST Management Studio to change Operator and Guest user passwords)
  • Help > Connection Layer Information (dialog box is blank)

CAST Report Center

  • Report On SQL Query > Query Assistant