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This page lists the method to get the schema name and table name related to a postgres file error, which may indicate, which table in a schema is corrupt.



The logs will have a message like this:

Error: Child task on exception

Invalid Job generation for Application "XXX"

ERROR: could not read block 11 in file "base/YYYYY/1508008": read only 0 of 8192 bytes 

Make sure that the database is working normally and does not have any disk or memory resource issues.

If the database is working fine, then using the value above (in this case 1508008).  Run the following query:

select n.nspname AS tableschema,
c.relname AS tablename
from pg_class c
join pg_namespace n
on c.relnamespace = n.oid
where c.relfilenode = 1508008;

This will produce the following:

Tableschema  Tablename

<database name>  <table name>

which will indicate the database and table name of the potentially corrupt table.

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