This page explains the Operating System Privilege Required for Creating & Running Analysis Job


Each user should have full access to

  1. Document & Settings Area
  2. The area named "all Users" in Document & Settings
  3. Temp folder.

Path have changed over the versions of windows, but those paths can be identified using environment variables which are always the same whatever is the version of windows.

So use the following Steps to identify the path

Using a cmd.exe window, you can have them with the following commands

echo %TEMP%

This will provide the actual path.

So for example in Windows 2003 it is :

C:\Documents and Settings\<User Id>\Application Data\CAST\CAST
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\CAST\CAST\
C:\Documents and Settings\<User Id>\Local Settings\Temp\3

For Windows 2008 it is :

C:\Users\<user id>\AppData\Roaming\CAST\CAST\<CAST version>
C:\ProgramData\CAST\CAST\<CAST version>
C:\Users\<user id>\AppData\Local\Temp\

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