On the Microsoft Windows taskbar, right-click "Start", and then choose "Explore".

From the "Tools" menu, select Map Network Drive.

-          Click the Browse button.

-          Click the plus signs until you locate the folder that contains the QuickBooks data file. Select the folder and click OK.

-          Select an unassigned drive letter. Windows defaults to the first available letter, but you can choose any drive letter that is unassigned.

-          Select Reconnect at Logon.

-          Click OK.

-          Start QuickBooks, and from the File menu, choose Open Company.

-          From the Look in drop-down list, select the drive letter you assigned, and then in the main window choose your company file name and click Open.

-          When the company file opens, press Ctrl+1 to open the Product Information window. Look at the path provided under Location in the File Information area. The location of your file should be something like GQuickBooks Pro[ company name ].qbw.

If the address does not start with a drive letter, please review these steps and try again