•          From the QuickBooks File menu, choose Open Company.
  •          From the Look in drop-down list, choose My Network Places.
  •          Double-click Entire Network.
  •          Double-click the computer where the company file resides.
  •          Right-click the folder containing the company file and select Map Network Drive.
  •          Select an unassigned drive letter. Windows defaults to the first available letter, but you can choose any drive letter that is unassigned.

Select Reconnect at Logon.

Click Finish.

From the Look in drop-down list, select the drive letter you assigned, and then in the main window, choose your company file name and click Open.

When the company file opens, press Ctrl+1 to open the Product Information window. Look at the path provided under Location in the File Information area. The location of your file should be something like GQuickBooks Pro[ company name] .qbw.

If the address does not start with a drive letter, please review these steps and try again.


You can also see http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/archive/faqs/qbw2001/201107.html