This page will help you solve problems related to Enlighten and will guide you to troubleshoot problems you may face when using Enlighten.

Enlighten is a component of CAST AIP that will graphically display and explore the structure of an application and its code interdependencies, according to the information gathered during the code analysis and stored in the CAST Knowledge Base.

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Relevant Input

Known crashes due to Microsoft Issue

Some of you have a new crash with old or new builds of Enlighten while opening Enlighten or when displaying properties F12 (with all CAST releases). This is related to a new security update which impacts MSHTML.dll (used by Enlighten to display web pages)

To overcome this you can follow one of the below solution:

  1. Please uninstall from Installed Updates (from 8th July 2014) : KB2962872 For more information, see Security Update stops IE11 from functioning properly.
  2. A new Microsoft update corrects this problem. Please make sure your machine if fully up-to-date (with update KB/2976627). Enlighten should be working fine.          
  3. For more information on the new update that solves this issue:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2976627

Note :This is not a CAST issue.


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