This page helps you to understand the situation where objects are not grouped correctly for MongoDB technology.

For example, In Enlighten, we have MongoDB objects getting created from two different technologies: DotNet and NodeJS.
The objects are displayed in the Object Browser in two different places, which is confusing for the user and leads to errors when investigating:





Action Plan

If you observe the above behavior then please check the following points:

  1. This is a known issue  when different analyzers run on an application using multiple technologies, in this case DotNet and Node.js, and they are accessing the same resources.
    In such cases, analyzers have no way to know which object for  which this resource already exists, therefore they create one of their own. This is the reason analyzing DotNet creates MongoDB collection, then when analyzing Node.js, it also creates its own MongoDB collection, because it does not know that there are already objects related to the collection created by another analyzer.
  2. There is no solution for this for the time being. 

Relevant input

 Ticket # 28085
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