Enlighten - Information - How to identify and open an object in Enlighten Graphical View


This information page explains how to correctly identify an object in Enlighten. For more information, refer to:

Applicable in CAST Version

Applicable RDBMS
Oracle Server(tick)
Microsoft SQL Server(tick)


  1. Open Enlighten and search for the object in the knowledge base as described in ENL - Finding/locating objects in the Knowledge Base. The search results return objects based on your criteria with regard to the Object Name, Full Name and Type.

  2. Place all objects retrieved from previous step on the Enlighten Graphical View, open the objects properties view as described in ENL - Viewing properties and retrieve the objects source file path/name.

  3. Retrieve the ObjectID for each object. There are 2 ways to do this

  4. Using the information from the above steps ( full name, source code path and object type) in most cases and technologies you should be able to identify the object. In some object oriented languages (Java, .C#/VisualBasic,C++ etc) and due to method overloading this info may not be enough. In these cases more than one object can have the same full name, source code path and object type:
    1. If you have identified the object, remove all other objects from the Enlighten Graphical View.
    2. If you still have not identified the object, using the ObjectID obtain the GUID information for each object.
      1. The object signature in the object GUID contains information concerning the source code file used and the signature of the method with method parameters in the cases of object . Take the below example where we have 2 Java methods refering to the same source code file:

        GUID example

        The GUID of the objects is different since it takes into account the different method parameters. In the first case the parameters are String+integer types and in the second just String types. With this info and the source code file you can identify the correct object

      2. Remove all other objects from the Enlighten Graphical View

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