This page will help you to solve problems related to Enlighten Dynamic Link Manager and will guide you to troubleshoot any problem you may face when using Enlighten Dynamic Link Manager.

Enlighten is a component of CAST AIP that will graphically display and explore the structure of an application and its code inter dependencies, according to the information gathered during code analysis and stored in CAST Knowledge Base. 

The Dynamic Link Manager accesses the Knowledge Base and collects a list of all unverified links (links that have been identified between objects but their authenticity cannot be absolutely determined by CAST) that have been identified during an analysis and then saved to the Knowledge Base. 

After consulting the code that constitutes the link, you can then choose to manually ignore these links (if they prove to be incorrect or false) and thus save them as irrelevant in the Knowledge Base. 

Although this method is acceptable it does mean that when you rerun the associated job, new links that arise due to the same underlying cause will once again appear in the Dynamic Link Manager. To overcome this, you can use the method Parametrization to automatically ignore or verify links when they are created with a parameter of a method. This is particularly useful as you can create a parameterization rule for a particular unverified link (i.e. whether to ignore or create a link) and when you re-run the analysis, all links caused by the same parameter of this method will be automatically validated or not created (ignored) depending on the action you defined. Thus, these types of links will never appear in the Dynamic Link Manager again. Moreover, you can re-use the rule in future analyses (via an Environment Profile). 

You can open the Dynamic Link Manager in CAST-MS or in CAST Enlighten. 

The links created by reference finder are not displayed and managed by the Dynamic Link Manager. Only dynamic links created by analyzer(s) are managed by the Dynamic Link Manager 

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 To find the logs of Enlighten, refer to the following page which provides information about where to find the logs CAST Management Studio - Information - How to find logs

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