Enlighten crashes with the follow message: Enlighten has stopped working

Observed in CAST AIP
8.0.x (tick) 
Observed on RDBMS
Oracle Server(tick)
Microsoft SQL Server(tick)
Step by Step Scenario
  1. Package the source code
  2. Run the analysis
  3. Enlighten crashes.
Action Plan
  1. Check if Enlighten is crashing when customer is trying to access enlighten with multiple profiles.
    This happens because the same enlighten log file is getting accessed by multiple profiles concurrently.
    1. Edit the CastGlobalSettings.ini file and modify the temporary directory used by CAST products by pointing to a R/W accessible folder for the three following entries. 

    2. Create separate folders for each user by putting %USERNAME% in the folder path,In case the temporary folders should be split between different users
      1. If you are running multiple versions, each version should have a unique area by putting $CAST_MAJOR_VERSION$.$CAST_MINOR_VERSION$ in the folder path.


        However, every user directories need to be created prior to running Enlighten. i.e.  you will need to create the same set of folders for all user that will use enlighten (with read/write access).

        Without any modification in the parameters, when customer try to connect with multiple profiles,  Enlighten would crash.

  2. Check if there is Corruption in the files used by Enlighten
    1. If some of the files used by Enlighten have become corrupted, then cleaning this up can resolve the issue.

      Note that if you have modified some of the default folders above in the CASTGlobalSettings.ini file, then you may need to look in the appropriate directory for these files instead of the defaults listed below. If you are running multiple versions, each version should have a unique area for these files.

      1. Stop Enlighten
      2. Save and then remove the following (if CASTGlobalSettings has been modified, then check the location defined in the CASTGlobalSettings.ini file)

        the file %appdata%\CAST\CAST\<version>\enlighten.ini 
        (CAST_CURRENT_USER_WORK_PATH in CASTGlobalSettings)
        the directory %appdata%\CAST\CAST\<version>\enlighten_workspace 
        (CAST_CURRENT_USER_WORK_PATH in CASTGlobalSettings)
        the file %allusersprofile%\applicationdata\CAST\CAST\<version>\CWProfileConnection.INI 
        (CAST_ALL_USERS_PATH in CASTGlobalSettings)

      3. When Enlighten restarts, it will create default files without the corruption.
  3. Check If the Problem is with the default code page being used by Enlighten not supporting Unicode
    1. Stop Enlighten
    2. From a command prompt enter the following  (this changes the code page to a Unicode code page - 65001 - see the dos command chcp for more information):

      chcp 65001  
    3. Enlighten should now be started using a Unicode code page 
  4. Check If Enlighten is crashing when there are more than 20 connection profiles in CWProfileConnection.INI. The size of the buffer containing the profiles is too small, leading to the crash on enlighten 
    1. Ensure to have less then 20 connection profiles in your CWProfileConnection.INI to avoid the issue.

      This issue is fixed in 7.3.9 where the size of the buffer has been increased.


Ticket # 1835, 3339, 3824

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