Purpose (problem description)

This page will help  you to resolve the missing source code issue for Visual Basic technology objects in Dashboard.

Observed in CAST Version



Observed in RDBMS



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Step by Step scenario
  1. Run analysis+snapshot
  2. Launch Dashboard
  3. Observe no source code displayed for VB objects
Action Plan

If you observe that source code is not displayed for VB objects in dashboard then please perform the below steps:

  1. This is a known bug with VB technology and to resolve this as a work around you can run the below query in KB and then take a new snapshot.
 update objfilref set idfil = idobj where idfil = 0

       2. If the above steps do not solve your issue contact CAST Technical Support. with the following Relevant input 

  Please note that this issue is permanently fixed in 8.3.13
Known Case

If the type of objects for which source code is not visible are like below then this is an expected case since there will not be any source code for these types of objects :

Relevant input


Ticket #18268

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