Delivery Manager Tool - Information - How to reproduce a DMT issue in Discovery Selection or Validation steps


This page provides you with the way to reproduce an issue encountered in Discovery, Selection or Validation steps, when packaging Files System.

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Applicable in CAST Version
Applicable RDBMS
Oracle Server(tick)
Microsoft SQL Server(tick)
Action plan

Perform the following steps to reproduce discovery or selection or validation issues :

  1. In order to proceed with the below steps, get the  Relevant input
  2. Get from the Sherlock provided by the user, the sources.CastSourceTreeDump that is in SHERLOCK>Configuration files\delivery\User_Delivery_Folder\data\UUID_User_Application\UUID_Version_where_the_issue_occurs\UUID_Package_where_the_issue_occurs.
  3. Always use a CAST AIP setup installation. For reproducing issues, flat installation is not recommended because the analysis/snapshot may fail. This can be due to files that are missing in the flat installation.
  4. Install the Plugins used by the customer if any.
  5. Create a new Application.
  6. Create a new version. The DMT is opening.
  7. Create a package of the language type(Java,Mainframe etc) corresponding to the type of package (in the delivery folder, in the version folder, check in the index.xml file the type of package) with a sample source code.
  8. Configure the package.
  9. Click Package.
  10. Save and close the DMT without delivering the application.
  11. Go to your Delivery folder, at the package location as indicated in the Delivery Manager Tool - Information - DELIVERY Folder Structure and Contents and replace the extracted sources.CastSourceTreeDump file with the one you received from customer.
  12. Make sure the sources.CastSourceTreeDump file has an update date more recent than the other files in the package folder by executing the following powershell executable change_date.ps1.
  13. Open CAST Management Studio
  14. Manage the Applicaiton if you have created the application from AIC Portal.
  15. The version you have created is in the delivery tab, Not delivered section.
  16. Select the version and click Manage the delivery.
  17. Select the package.
  18. Package the application (without forcing the extraction).
  19. Here the packaging will start again and will not run the extraction and scan phases.
  20. The extraction will fail at the same discover / selection / validation step with the same error as the customer.