Best Practices while packaging DMT is to ignore the files (types) and folders which are not useful for the analysis.

We can use these following information when we have performance issues in DMT or we run into errors like

  • Java Heap Space
  • The program delivery manger tool has not ended correctly error code 1000
Applicable in CAST Version
Applicable RDBMS
Oracle Server(tick)
Microsoft SQL Server(tick)
File types which can always be ignore
  1. We can ignore following file types from packaging
    1. .pkg
    2. .tar
    3. .log
    4. .bkup
    5. .pdf
    6. .test
    Not ignoring these files might effect the performance of the Packaging. These files are usually not part of any analysis and may effect the packaging process, disk space and the memory while packaging.

  2. We can also ignore the files with the name Thumbs.db which are generated by the operating system and has no importance in the analysis. Not ignoring these files might cause the following error while accepting the delivery. CMS Application - Delivery - Accept Delivery - Fatal Error - The Program Delivery Manager Tool has not ended correctly- errorcode - 1000
  3. You can also generally ignore the following folders:
    1. target
    2. .git
    3. .svn
    4. temp
    5. tmp
    6. tests

To ignore the following files you can use the below regular expression while packaging the code. You can also add other file types to the list which you would like to ignore from packaging.


For ignoring files and folders in DMT, please see the following documentation:

DMT - Package Configuration tab - Where is your source code?

For the AIP Console, please see the following documentation on this topic:

Manage exclusions step 2

File types which can be ignored based on users discretion
  1. We can also ignore .ear files but these files may contain few jars which might be needed and these can be added by hand if needed later. (having jars in .ear files is not a best practice) See above for the steps to ignore file and also "Folders or files to ignore" section in DMT to understand how to exclude these files while packaging.

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