This page will help you solve problems related to the Performance issues you may face during the packagen extraction. 

*Observed in CAST AIP
*Observed on RDBMS
Oracle Server(tick)
Microsoft SQL Server(tick)
Action Plan

During the Extraction, the source code is extracted into the Delivery Folder.

  1. Check if there is a network issue :
    1. If the source code you want to package is an online source, make sure that the bandwith to the online source is correct :
      1. The farthest you are from the source, the worst the performance are. It you are using a VPN, it is expected that the performance to retrieve the source is bad.
      2. Check the activity of the server where the source is stored.
    2. If the source code is an offline source :
      1. If the source code to package is stored in an network, make sure that there is no performance issue in the network.
      2. If the network is facing performance issue, run the packaging of the source on a machine very close to the network where the source code is stored.
      3. By using the Task manager, in the performance tab, check that the machine where the packaging process is occuring is not slow. Make sure that the CPU usage has not reached 100%.
      4. If the CPU usage is 100%, you must release tasks to make the machine faster.
  2. If the above points does not help you, visit the below pages :
  3. If the above steps do not help you, contact CAST Technical Support with the Delivery Manager Tool - Relevant Input in order to reproduce the issue.
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