This page will help you solve Error during Package extraction for Oracle FORMS technology. 

Observed in CAST AIP


Observed on RDBMS
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Oracle ServerNA
Action Plan
  1. If the extraction is failing on JDK 8 where JDK version is >= 261 and the error is: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION 
    1. This is an Oracle JDAPI issue and needs to be resolved by an Oracle patch. 
      1. https://docs.oracle.com/en/middleware/developer-tools/forms/
  2. Identify if the problem is a general one, or is linked to some specific FMBs/PLLs
    1. Check if the Forms version installed on the machine is supported by CAST by looking at the supported language section in release notes: http://doc.castsoftware.com/help/topic/73x/Supported-Languages_568426668.html. If it is not, then solution is to use supported version. If Forms version is supported, go to 2nd point mentioned below.
    2. Try removing the last FMB/PLL loaded before the crash, until it does not crash anymore, or there is no more FMBs/PLLs to extract from.
    3. It is the same approach as with the crashes in the analyzers (CMS Snapshot Analysis - Information - Overview of the Dichotomy process ), when we try to identify the culprit source files by dichotomy.
    4. If you suspect it is due to the JVM, or other environment settings, then you can do the contrary: you exclude all the files but one, just to check the hypothesis.

      Note: To remove an FMB/PLL, Just rename it to exclude it from the extraction; the recommended renaming is to add a supplemental extension "excluded", or ".castexcluded" => it helps identifying the set of files to to be excluded when the extraction succeeds at last.

      If the issue is not general one, then go to next section i.e. Check if the identified FMBs/DLLs are valid

  3. Check if the identified FMBs/DLLs are valid. Sometimes issue is related with the invalid FMBs/PLLs.
    1.  To cross check the same, try to open the same in Forms Builder.
    2. If you are able to open it correctly then it is valid 
    3. If you are not able to open the, then problem is linked to some specific FMBs/PLLs. The workaround is to exclude the identified FMBs/PLLs

  4. If the you are able to open the FMBs/PLLs in Forms Builder and still getting extraction message such as Invalid file, then problem maybe related with Forms API.
    1. To confirm the same try to package the same FBBs/PLLs in Different machine where Forms is installed.
    2. If it works in different machine, then it is confirmed that the problem is due the Forms API of the last machine. If not then report to support

  5. If the above points do not help you visit the below pages :

  6. If none of the cases matches your problem please contact Cast Technical Support with Delivery Manager Tool - Relevant Input

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