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Action Plan
  1. When trying to package source and connecting to an HTTPS host, you may encounter an error related to certification path.  Here is a link to the documentation to address this (this is not just for Maven):  Configuring source code delivery as ZIP file for Maven#TroubleshootingissuesaccessingremoteHTTPSrepositories  If this documentation does not help, the following steps may also help resolve the issue:
    1. Whenever Java attempts to connect to another application over SSL (e.g.: HTTPS, IMAPS, LDAPS), it will only be able to connect to that application if it can trust it. The way trust is handled in the Java world is that you have a keystore (typically $JAVA_HOME/lib/security/cacerts), also known as the truststore. This contains a list of all known Certificate Authority (CA) certificates, and Java will only trust certificates that are signed by one of those CAs or public certificates that exist within that keystore.
      To solve your issue, you can try the below solution.
      1. Make sure you have imported the public certificate of the target instance into the truststore according to the Connecting to SSL Services instructions.
      2. Make sure any certificates have been imported into the correct truststore; you may have multiple JRE/JDKs. See Installing Java for this.
      3. Check to see that the correct truststore is in use. If -Djavax.net.ssl.trustStore has been configured, it will override the location of the default truststore, which will need to be checked.
      4. Check if your Anti Virus tool has "SSL Scanning" blocking SSL/TLS. If it does, disable this feature or set exceptions for the target addresses (check the product documentation to see if this is possible.)
      5. If connecting to a mail server, such as Exchange, ensure authentication allows plain text.
      6. Verify that the target server is configured to serve SSL correctly. This can be done with the SSL Server Test tool.
      7. If all else fails, your truststore might be out of date. Upgrade Java to the latest version supported by your application.
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  3. If still having problems, the following steps can be done to try to remediate the situation:
    1. Uncheck all the project discoverers that are not needed
    2. Run the package again: How do I add a source code package to my delivery
      1. If this still doesn't work then exclude file types that are not needed from the analysis (*.bmp, *.png, etc.): How do I exclude specific files or folders from the source code delivery package
  4. If remediation does not help and the problem you are facing does not match any case listed in this page, contact CAST Technical Support with the Delivery Manager Tool - Relevant Input


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