This page will help you solve problems related to using CSS Upgrade Wizard Component.

The CSS Upgrade Wizard is used for upgrading from CAST Storage Service (CSS) version 1 to CSS version 2 (CSS1 to CSS2).  CSS2 was introduced in CAST 7.2.X and is a requirement to use CAST 7.2.X or above.  CSS1 is used in CAST 7.0.X

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Check the logs to see the messages and possible errors

Check The Logfiles

 When using the CSS Upgrade Wizard, please check the logfiles to see the messages and possible errors that might have been generated during running this utility.

For information on the logs, see the CSSTools component log page here: CAST Management Studio - Information - How to find logs  


CSS Upgrade Wizard

CSS Upgrade Wizard

This section will list the issues concerning using the CSS Upgrade Wizard. 

PMX file Issues

 CASE 1:  PMX file Corrupted

There has been currently one reported issue of a PMX file being corrupted after using the CSS Upgrade Wizard.  This was fixed in CAST 7.3.0.  More information can be seen here:

CSS Upgrade Wizard - PMX file generated is corrupted - Archived 

Errors while running the CSS Upgrade Wizard

 CASE 2: Errors while Running the CSS Upgrade Wizard

There are currently no known issues with errors while running the CSS Upgrade Wizard. 



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