Purpose (problem description)

This page provides the approach to troubleshoot the issues that occur while Security For Java extension is running in Run Extensions at Application Level step

For more information, refer to Security for Java

Observed in CAST AIP
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Action Plan

Perform the below actions

  1. There are several steps that are performed in Run extensions at application level for Security for Java extension, so first you will have to identify the step where the issue occurs. Following list has been created from issues that have already occurred and is not exhaustive of all steps.
    1. If issue is happening before launching Java2CastIL.jar which is responsible for the creation of castil bytecode files this means that following information message is missing:
      Calling ['C:\\Program Files\\CAST\\8.3\\jre\\bin\\java', '-Xmx19G', '-jar', 'C:\\ProgramData\\CAST\\CAST\\Extensions\\com.castsoftware.securityforjava.1.6.4-funcrel\\com\\castsoftware\\resources\\Java2CastIL.jar', '-g', '1', '-p', '0', '-c', 'S:\\LISA\\LISA\\db86d52e77504e919e76ade2939b29e0\\Scr1f97027e7f854325888b8ac670e1c9fc\\project.xml', '-d', 'S:\\LISA\\LISA\\db86d52e77504e919e76ade2939b29e0\\Scr1f97027e7f854325888b8ac670e1c9fc\\']
    2. Then please do the following:
      1. Check if project.xml file is missing in the LISA subfolder. Each Java execution unit is using a different Java sub-folder (in the most common scenario there is a single execution unit) and the relevant sub-folder can be retrieved in the header of the J2EE analysis unit.
      2. If project.xml is missing, then this indicates that a problem in main JEE analysis has happened, since this file is created when JEE analysis is running with SecurityForJava extension:
        1. Retrieve JEE analysis log. This is not trivial and can be dependent on whether you run analysis/snapshot as 1 or 2 steps.
          1. Verify in analysis log the SecurityForJava extension is installed.
          2. If not, then the extension was not installed when analysis ran(as a separate step) and this is the explanation. 
          3. Run full analysis/snapshot again
        2. Verify that SecurityForJava extension ran on top of Java extension
          1. Check for existence of following information messages
            [com.castsoftware.securityforjava] LISA path : C:\CASTMS\Storage\LISA\a42646dc1f644bd7bdb8493bf59f1985\Scr5b62a77005fc44ad9d70a7ea2c3431e3\
            [com.castsoftware.securityforjava] Flat path : C:\Working_Directory\8.3.37_Build2813_flat_for_customer
            1. If they are missing this indicates a problem of AIP or Extension installation
            2. Reinstall AIP and all extension and if problem is reproduced go to last step
        3. Verify analysis log and that there was no warning, more specifically 'hidden' crashes that stopped analysis from finishing.
          1. If the main JEE analysis has not finished correctly and crashed before the creation of project.xml then the command line is not launched
          2. See more in CMS Snapshot Analysis - Run Analyzer - Warnings - JEE with extension
    3. If issue is happening after launching Java2Castil then depending on the version of SecurityForJava, the root cause may be visible in the log. Java2Castil also logs the process inside a subfolder in LISQ. For the example already given this subfolder would be
      1. Open subfolder, inside it there are a Job_generation.log file and 1 or more Project.log files. 
        1. Using a grep on all Project.log files verify that the following 2 lines are present
          INFO castil - Success to save generated code for: XA-SM0-WS_380dd915.castil in N:\CastWork\Storage\LISA_AM_83\LISA\2a22b876923e420f9367ad3d16ba3812\Scrddac897b95d440b18b375310e898cec7
          INFO castil - Success to create Assemblies.txt file in N:\CastWork\Storage\LISA_AM_83\LISA\2a22b876923e420f9367ad3d16ba3812\Scrddac897b95d440b18b375310e898cec7
        2. If not then then Project.log name and the referenced files in the log will help you identify the AU that causes the issue.
          1. Check the log for any fatal error/crash messages
          2. If you find message  [main] ERROR com.castsoftware.castil.translation.Main - OUT OF MEMORY ERROR - CASTIL generation aborted
            1. Previous information log line inform on number of files parsed and mmeoty. Example:
              Parsed files: 6064 - Current: S:\SourceCodeDeploy\Batch\project\src\com\cast\cast\castsomething.java - Used RAM: 16,242,906,352 - Free RAM: 1,955,130,128
            2. Castil creation needs approximately 3.5MB/file. Java2CastIL.jar is launched with a memory argument that is dynamically calculated on the available memory at the time of launch
              1. Estimate needed memory in relation to the size of the application.
                1. If the needed memory for largest AU is lower then the available memory - 6GB then you need to add more memory. A WA can also be to split the largest AU in several smaller ones, though links can be affected by splitting
              2. Make sure that no other process is running in parallel and kill any process that is not needed.
              3. If memory issue is not explained by above, go to last step.
  2. If the above steps do not solve your issue contact CAST Technical Support. with the following Relevant input


Relevant input

  • CAST Support Tool (CST) - alias Sherlock export with the following options Export Logs, Export Configuration files, Export CAST Bases with Management Base and Knowledge Base Export source code.

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