CMS Snapshot Analysis - Run Analyzer - SQL PLSQL - Information - How to modify server name in PLSQL extraction before analysis


With the PL/SQL offline analyzer (new), changing the server from where the extraction is done leads to the change of all DB objects fullname. As consequence, all DB objects will be seen as added/removed. To avoid this problem, please follow above steps before generating a new snapshot. If the new snapshot has been generated before doing these steps, you will need first to restore the KB, CB dumps corresponding to the first extraction.

Applicable in CAST Version

Steps to modify the server name:

  1. Edit the uax files of the 2nd extraction to keep the same Instance and server name:

   a. In DatabaseExtraction.uaxdirectory 

 <UAXFile path="p_Server.x.uax" name="XYZ" type="CAST_Oracle_Machine"

   b. In p_Instance.x.uax

< instance id="p_Instance.x" instanceOf="CAST_Oracle_Instance">
    < CAST_SQL_Object version="x.y.z.t.u"/>
    < CAST_SQL_Area DBMSType="ORACLE"/>
    < CAST_Resolution_Identification resolutionName="X'Y'Z'"/>
    < CAST_Machine hostName="XYZ"/>
< /instance> ... 

XYZ is the previous server name
X'Y'Z'  is the previous instance name

c. In p_Server.x.uax

 <instance id="p_Server.x" instanceOf="CAST_Oracle_Machine">
  <CAST_Resolution_Identification resolutionName="XYZ"/>

2. Redo the package on the new extraction directory (the one modified) on the DMT. Deliver the version.

3. Set the new version as the current one in CAST - MS.

4. Generate the new snapshot (with analysis).