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 With the PL/SQL offline analyzer (new), changing the schema name from where the extraction is done leads to the change of all DB objects full name. As consequence, all DB objects will be seen as added/removed. To avoid this problem, please follow above steps before generating a new snapshot. If the new snapshot has been generated before doing these steps, you will need first to restore the KB, CB dumps corresponding to the first extraction.

Observed in CAST AIP
Observed on RDBMS
Step by Step Scenario
  1. Analyze a schema say X and run analysis
  2. Change the schema name from X to Y
  3. Analyze the schema Y and run snapshot
  4. Notice DB objects are added deleted in the dashboard

Solution is to edit the 2nd version extraction files manually and keep the same schema name.
Since schema name is prefix to all DB object, so actually it is referenced in many extraction file.
So one need to replace the new schema name with the old schema name to avoid added deleted artifacts.

  1. Edit the uax files of the 2nd extraction to keep the same Instance name:
    1. In DatabaseExtraction.uaxdirectory
      <UAXFile path="<Prefix>.x.uax" name="ORADBA" type="CAST_Oracle_Schema">

    2. In <Prefix>.x.uax
      <instance id="<Prefix>.x" instanceOf="CAST_Oracle_Schema">
      <CAST_SQL_Object version="x.y.z.t.u"/>
      <CAST_Resolution_Identification resolutionName="XYZ"/>
      <CAST_Linker_ExportedSymbol isPublic="1" exportCollation="2" exportedCategory="138013" exportedPath="PECOM" exportName="XYZ" exportExtension=""/>
      <CAST_Symbol_WithParent parent="I.1"/>


       may be p_schema or S, depending of the exact release of the extractor
      x may be any valid integer (1, 2, ...)
      XYZ is the previous schema name

  2. Redo the package on the new extraction directory (the one modified) on the DMT. Deliver the version
  3. Set the new version as the current one in CAST-MS
  4. Generate the new snapshot (with analysis)
Impact on Analysis Results and Dashboard

No impact on Analysis and Dashboard


Reference ticket - 1419

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