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This page explains How the SAP SYSTEM table is specified in CAST

Applicable in CAST Version

How to check if the table is the SAP SYSTEM table or a user table

This information can be found in the .list file (i.e. SAP_Tables_nnnn.list). For each table, this file contains certain pieces of information such as <Data class="USER"> or <Data class="APPL"> etc. If a table class begins with USER or APPL, the ABAP Analyzer considers the table as a USER table. The analyzer will consider a table with any other class, as a SYSTEM table.

How a metric (i.e. ABAP: Never use a custom program, user-exit or include to update system table) captures information about the SYSTEM table

  • If the table is a system table, the analyzer puts a number 1 in the column InfSubTyp of table ObjInf (for SAP table i.e. InfTyp=39016).
  • If the table is a user table, the analyzer puts nothing in the table ObjInf.

Then, the Quality Rules use this data to produce the results.

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