After Tibco analysis on 7.3.x/8.0.x is done using the Tibco package, End of activity objects are missing.


The missing objects were correctly identified when using the legacy Tibco analyzer in 7.0.x.

Observed in CAST Extension

Observed in CAST AIP

8.3.x (error)
8.2.x (error)
8.1.x  (error)
8.0.x (tick)
7.3.x (tick)
Observed on RDBMS
Oracle Server (tick)
Microsoft SQL Server (tick)
CSS3 (error)
CSS2 (tick)
Step by step scenario
  • Run a Tibco analysis in 7.3.x/8.0.x using Tibco package.
  • Connect to enlighten.
  • Observe that end of activity objects are missing from enlighten and from Dashboard after snapshot generation and analysis.
Impact of the Problem

The impact of the problem on the analysis or the dashboard is: End of activity objects are missing from Dashboard and enlighten after snapshot generation.

Action Plan

Tibco end of activity objects was not supported in Tibco package release prior to 1.0.3 (refer Standard TIBCO source code)

Hence if you are using a Tibco package (1.0.x x<3),  End of activity objects identified with 7.0.x legacy analyzer will not come up with the new Tibco package.

The integration of End of activity has been done in package version 1.0.3.  

  1. Move to the latest Tibco package to get the latest support of this type of objects.
  2. If the above step does not solve your issue then contact  CAST Technical Support with relevant input.
Impact of the solution

By moving to latest Tibco package, end of activity objects are identified.

 Ticket # 4521
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