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This document explains what can make objects as external according to the analyzer in used. Note that in general when a project, or class is not analyzed in the KB - that means not selected in the analyzed files or folder, it is considered as external if used elsewhere.

NET Analyzer

J2EE Analyzer

C-CPP analyzer

Applicable in CAST Version

.NET Analyzer

In .NET analyzer, a C# class library is consisdered as external object when the C# project of this libraru has not been analyzed in the same KB as the C# project which is refering to it.

For example, having project commons.csproj which uses the following reference to ARM-Commons.csproj


If in a knowledge base only project commons.csproj is analyzed then ARM-Commons will be considered as external reference. But if ARM-Commons.csproj is also analyzed in the same Knowledge Base, then ARM-Commons will be considered as internal reference.

Use the query of the following page SQL Queries - CAST Knowledge Base - Queries on objects - How to list External Objects to list the external dependencies and check into the list if the project your are looking for is displayed.

J2EE Analyzer

All the objects in Environment profiles and in class path are consisdered by default as external objects unless the classes are analyzed in the same KB

C-CPP Analyzer

See CMS Snapshot Analysis - Run Analyzer - CPP - Information - Conditions under which header file is set as internal or external

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