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This page provides information about the specific mandatory steps required to run a Power Builder analysis.

Applicable in CAST Version
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For Power Builder >= 11.5 only: install Power Builder

For Power Builder 11.5 and more recent : Install Power Builder

If you are analyzing an older version of Power Builder, then you do not need to install the product. A folder containing the Shared DLLs on the analysis machine is enough.

If you are analyzing Power Builder 11.5 or more recent, then you will need a licence, so you need to install it on the analysis machine.

Add the Shared DLL folder to the path

Add the Shared DLL folder to the PATH environment variable

This step is necessary whatever the version of Cast-AIP and the version of Power Builder.

If Power Builder is installed, then this folder is : <INSTALL_FOLDER>\srvsources\qualityassurance\STD\pb\Parsing\Shared_PB<version number> 

If not, it is where you put the Shared DLLs.

If you forget this step, you will encounter the following error message :

 Cannot load <full path to pborc<version>.dll>, the specified module could not be found.