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This page explains how to validate in CAST AIP documentation the expected objects and links

Applicable in CAST Version

Applicable RDBMS

Objects and links that are created by CAST product are the result of a modelling of the technology that is being analysed. As such while some modelling decisions for objects 'naturally' derive from computer language concepts(classes, objects, functions etc) some others are more technical and are modelling of functionality (for instance web services) which are useful for connectivity between components.  In order to find out if an object or link is EXPECTED or NOT EXPECTED , the official CAST AIP documentation defines the modelling and product expectation. More specifically:

  1. All documentation for supported technologies can be found in CAST AIP Technologies Documentation .
  2. Each technology consists of:
  3. Additional extensions can be relevant to consolidate results between technologies (Web Services LinkerSystem Level Rules) or to add functionality for  multiple technologies (Automatic Links Validator)
  4. All of the above information define the functionality of the product and are the resources to check when validating objects and links.  
  5. Anything that is not defined is a potential feature request to be validated by Support and Cast Program Managers

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