This page outlines the error which is faced when running an ABAP analysis :

The error only occurs on the 2nd analysis.  The first analysis will succeed and will properly create the objects, but any subsequent analyses will fail.

Observed in CAST AIP
8.2.x(tick) x < 2
8.1.x(tick) x < 2
8.0.x(tick) x < 5
7.3.x(tick) x < 11
Observed on RDBMS
Oracle Server(tick)
Microsoft SQL Server(tick)
Step by Step Scenario

Below is the step-by-step scenario leading to the problem:

  • Extract the ABAP code using ABAP extractor.
  • Package and deliver the source code.
  • Accept the delivery and set it as current version and run the analysis
Impact of the Problem

The impact of the problem on the analysis or the dashboard is:
Analysis will fail and would not have expected result on the dashboard.

Action Plan

It occurs only on reanalysis but not on first analysis.

The problem occurs because of presence of both classpools at the same time:
TEST_FILE_PARALLEL_=======CP.abap and TEST_FILE_PARALLEL=======CP.abap and because the first one name ends with "_" character.

The issue is encountered at the code where filenames contain "underscore" instead of 'equals'.
Because of the analyzer bug both classpools are assigned the same name (with no "_" at the end of the name).

As a workaround, you can

  1. rename all files starting with "ZCL_WF_DAEMON_PARALLEL_" in the deployment folder replacing the "_" character just before "=" character with another character ("2" for example, or anything else, but you must replace it with only one character and not several) 

For example:  

Navigate to the deployment folder and pick files meeting the above criteria. 
For Instance 
rename it to 
and then run the analysis.
 Ticket # 6630
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