Purpose (problem description)

A crash is an unexpected issue that stops the analysis. Crash can happen in any step of the Analysis. 

When a crash happens the analysis log file is not complete and does not contain any error explaining the reason of the crash. 

Official documentation

Online-help : CAST Management Studio - Help > How To > Regular audience > Run analysis only

Information Guides > Information Guides by CAST AIP Component >  CMS Snapshot Analysis

Error Free Logs - CMS Snapshot Analysis - Run Analysis for Technology - Error Free Logs - CAST AIP 83

Observed in CAST AIP
Observed on RDBMS

Step by Step scenario

  1. Package and Deliver an application
  2. Set the version as current Version
  3. Run the Analysis. The Analysis stops abruptly.
  4. Open the Analysis log file. There is no end in the analysis log file. It is a crash.
Action Plan

Perform the following steps:

  1. If the run analysis is failing in few seconds with the error The analysis failed to initialize properly (Error code -10733741515) Please ensure the Visual Studion 2012 runtime is installed on your computer as below screenshot:

    1. Open a command prompt

    2. Go to your CAST Installation folder

    3. Run Anarun.exe by command line.

    4. If it fails with an error informing you that a DLL is missing, then it means that the CAST AIP Installation is corrupted.

    5. Reinstall CAST AIP

  2. Check to see if the issue is due to character sets

    1. In the analysis log file, check if there are warning messages related to encoding discrepancy such as Impossible to convert a string to DB encoding, like below:

      or error messages such as the character with the byte sequence is 0xEF 0xbf 0xbd is not in UTF8 encoding as shown below:

      For Cast Storage Service server, this issue is encountered if there are many differences in postgresql.conf file (present in <CSS Installation folder>\db_data) in between the one used and the one provided by CAST. The solution is to replace the conf file with the one provided by CAST to ensure that there are no process failures or performance issues.

      Also ensure the encoding of postgres database is UTF-8 as shown below (The encoding can be seen in the sql pane at the bottom in pgadmin if you click on postgres server).

      CREATE DATABASE postgresWITH OWNER =postgres    ENCODING = 'UTF8'     TABLESPACE = pg_default     LC_COLLATE = 'C'      LC_CTYPE = 'C'     CONNECTION LIMIT = -1; 

      Check the analyzer log to see the last file that was quoted and remove/rename the file from the analysis to see if the analysis succeeds without the file.

    2. If so, the character set that has been configured in the Analysis machine and in the Database Server must be changed and must be the same. For information on supported language characters, refer to Supported Character Sets.

  3. Check if the disk space is full, especially in the %TEMP% or Temp folder. Due to constant use of this folder during analysis, when there is insufficient space, the Anarun (or other CAST processes - j2eecmd/dotnetcmd) aborts abruptly.

  4. If you have chosen to create User-defined analysis units and have deactivated the default ones created by DMT, clean the analysis units by doing the following in CAST-MS (also documented in CMS - Clean up Analysis Units):

    1. Go to Current Version tab

    2. Click Clean up Analysis Units

    3. Run the analysis

  5. Check if the issue is due to an out of memory

    1. Do the following:

      1. Remove all the 0 byte files.

      2. Enable the AMT Traces or Tools - PerfMon output log file.

      3. The analysis will start running. Once the analysis is completed (failing or successful), run the CAST Support Tool (CST) - alias Sherlock with the Export Logs only

      4. If the crash occurs again. identify if it is an out of memory, by referring to the CMS Snapshot Analysis - Run Analyzer - Information - Understand AMT traces

    2. If the issue is due to an out of memory, navigate to CMS Snapshot Analysis - Run Analyzer - Fatal Error - Analyzer is running out of memory - This may occur under disk full condition

  6. Else, select one of the below page:

  7. If you do not find the information you are looking for or solution for your problem, in this page, contact CAST Technical Support and provide below relevant input. CAST Technical Support will reproduce the issue.

Relevant input

  • Enable the memory traces.
  • Crash Dump - It could help to identify at which step the analysis has crashed. This option is required when the source code cannot be provided
  • CAST Support Tool (CST) - alias SherlockExport Logs, Export databases dumps, Export environment information, Export the source code (to reproduce the issue) are requested options.
  • Screenshot showing the Error in CAST MS

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