This page will guide you to troubleshoot the problem you may face while running the analysis.

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Error Free Logs - CMS Snapshot Analysis - Run Analysis for Technology - Error Free Logs - CAST AIP 83

*Observed in CAST AIP
8.3.x (tick)
*Observed on RDBMS
Action Plan

Perform the following steps:

  1. Check first whether the analysis is performed in a supported way. Go to Supported platform and covered technologies that are in the https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/DOC83 Release Note. For instance, for 8.3 :
  2. Get the analysis log file and identify the type of issue : CAST Management Studio - Information - Type of issues
  3. When running an JEE analysis and a .NET analysis in the same application, the logs can potentially be overwritten. To remedy this, run the following query on the local database and then run the analyses again:

    UPDATE keys k1
    SET    keynam =
                   CASE k2.ObjTyp
                           WHEN 719
                           THEN 'Java_'
                                           || idkey
                                           || '_'
                                           || k2.keynam
                           WHEN 137651
                           THEN 'Net_'
                                           || idkey
                                           || '_'
                                           || k2.keynam
                           ELSE k2.keynam
           FROM    keys k2
           WHERE   k2.idkey = k1.idkey
    WHERE  k1.idkey IN
           (SELECT idjob
           FROM    AnaJob
  4. Select the page corresponding to the type of issue you have identified:

  5. For Crash or Fatal Error, if none of the previous pages helps solve the issue, then exclude (by renaming) the file that is last quoted in the analysis log before the issue happens. In many cases, this file is responsible for the issue. Sometimes there is a common message like "Unexternalized exception - Message is 'access violation".
  6. If you do not find the information you are looking for or solution for your problem, in this page, contact CAST Technical Support and provide the below relevant input .

Relevant Input

The input to investigate your issue depends on the type of issue you are facing: performance issue, non-fatal error, warnings, crash, wrong objects, fatal error, missing objects. Navigate to the Relevant Input paragraph of each child page to find out what input CAST Technical Support needs, to fix your issue. 


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