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This page provides information on assisting with understanding which sql rules are being used with analyzing SQL code.

For more information, refer to:

  • Official documentation for the SQL analyzer: SQL
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8.3.x (tick)

This page provides information on assisting with understanding which metrics are being used when analyzing SQL code.

For example, if you are using the 3.4.4 version of the sql analyzer extension, then the following list of metrics is only used for items which have a CREATE statement (often found in the *.sql data definition language (DDL) files), so that they are part of the generation of the database (for 3.4.4 analyzer)

   SQL Analyzer - 3.4.4 version

So any SELECT statements that are contained within a CREATE statement for items such as procedures, triggers, functions or views will have the above list of metrics applied to it.

If you have separate *.sql files that do not have a create statement associated with it, then only the client side rules fired like the ones listed here in the section Client Side Support : COBOL, PB, VB, .NET, JAVA, C/C++, PYTHON, DML code (for 3.4 analyzer):

  SQL Analyzer - 3.4

will be fired for those items.


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