FAQ's for Run Analyzer

How to analyze .js and .html files alone
In CAST AIP 8.2 or less,  .js & .html files cannot be analysed, using .net analyzer only. It can only be analysed along with its associated project. (Hint: This is possible by creating a fake/dummy .net project associating the .js and .html files.)
  • Using J2EE analyser, it is possible to analyze .js and .html files alone.  

From CAST AIP 8.3 onward please use the correct extension HTML5 and JavaScript

How can we analyze Java scripts (js files) ?

From CAST AIP 8.3 onward please use the correct extension HTML5 and JavaScript

Will ASPX page having LDAP authentication be analysed by CAST?

Analyzing ASPX page using LDAP authentication/authorization is not supported by .NET Legacy Analyzer.

So,the aspx pages using LDAP authentication/authorization will not be analyzed. 

Does drop analysis result clean the CDT_OBJECTS table?
No, it does not , CDT_OBJECTS is csv table and is updated during the csv update only like while running the update csv or during the snapshot. 
What is a test analysis?

A 'test analysis' is running a lot of the analysis, but is skipping steps like:

  • database saving
  • linker
  • metrics step
  • reference finder

So it is not a complete analysis.  It's more of a quick analysis run through to check and validate your analysis settings, before you might kick off an analysis that may take a significant amount of time. 

How to check if C++ header file is analyzed or not?
If there is not any line in the log that mentions that the header file is not found, then the file is analyzed
How comment lines are computed in Cobol?

A comment line is identified if it contains a star ('*') in indicator area (often in column 7). AIP considers 2 types of comment lines: 

  1. Heading comment lines: they are just before the first line of code of programs or paragraphs.
  2. Inner comment lines: they are in the body of the object.

A comment line is taken in account whatever its content. It can contain text, "decorative" chars (ex: "===", "*****", ...) or nothing. A program or a paragraph is considered as not documented if the number of heading comment lines and the number of inner comment lines equal 0.

What analyzer and configuration should be used to analyze VB Script?

This depends on the type of application that is to be analyzed. If it is a .Net web application, then use the .NET Analyzer.

And if it is a web application using ASP technology then use the ASP analyzer. You can also refer to the Online Help of CAST-MS from Help > Help and search for Web Client Files. 

Is it possible to generate the snapshot after some jobs has failed in the analysis unit and see the results for sucessfull jobs?
No, It is not possible to generate the snapshot if one analysis unit has failed. Because it might have impact on the data in the dashboard, it might lead to partial result on the dashboard. The only workaround is to rework the analysis unit definition manually to remove the failing part of the code (maybe the whole analysis unit) and re-analyze only the analysis unit part which is successful. 
Does the objects marked as excluded in Snapshot 1 will stay excluded in Snapshot 3 even if Snapshot 2 has been deleted?
Yes, if there is some object(s) that were marked excluded in Snapshot 1 and then another snapshot was taken (Snapshot 2) but this snapshot was deleted, the same object will remain excluded in Snapshot 3 as well. 
 Which analyzer should be used to analyze only JS files belonging to .NET application?
For CAST versions below 7.3.4, you have to use ASP analysis unit. For 7.3.4 and higher versions,you can add the new HTML5/JS extension in addition to the ASP analysis. Please have a look at HTML5 and JavaScript - 1.0       
 Is there any pre-processing done for RPG MENU files?
No, there is no pre-processing done for ".menu" or ".mnu" files. Please refer to pre-processing document for more details on it. 

FAQ's for Run CSV Generation 

Where can I find information about functions and tables used by CAST?

CAST does provide documentation for some tables which can be used for reporting and some special configuration requirements.  For example, for 7.3, information on the CAST System Views can be found here: CAST System Views - CSV

Please see the release documentation for more information on documented parts of the product.

Other items such as functions used for actions done during CAST operation are internal, not documented, and subject to change.  These are not recommended for use outside of CAST internal operations.