CMS Infrastructure Services - Synchronization - Error - Dashboard Service - Configure from migrated databases failed


After migration when you try to synchronize the local or central you would get the following error -

Configure from migrated databases failed

Observed in CAST AIP
Observed on RDBMS
Step by Step Scenario
  1. Upgrade Databases with CUT
  2. Open Cast-MS with migrated MNGT
  3. Click on the central base and synchronize.
Action Plan

The error is because the the table DSS_SITES on the central base is not correct. It contains a central schema name for a server type equivalent to a local site.

To fix this issue we need to run the following queries on KB

  1. Check the correct site id of the local by running following query on local

    select * from <Local_Name>.SYS_SITE
  2. Then update the site id on central.

    update <Central_Name>.DSS_SITES
    set site_id = '<correct Site_id of the local>'
        site_name = '<Name_of_the_Local>',
        server_type = 5,
        site_srvaddress = '<ip_of_the_server:port>'
    where site_id = <previous site id >;
    update <Central_Name>.DSS_SITES
    set local_dss_name = '<Central_Name>',
        server_type = 5,
        site_srvaddress = '<ip_of_the_server:port>'
    where site_id = 0;
Impact on Analysis Results and Dashboard

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